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I found myself with a situation where a meeting organiser sent out a meeting requesting to the whole company. The organizer then wanted to cancel the meeting and found that the meeting had mysteriously disappeared from the calendar. Invitees were still accepting and declining the meeting. We had to improvise to cancel the meeting.

The steps outlined here assumes that you still have a copy of the meeting invite which was originally sent out to the attendees.

You can download a copy of MFCMAPI from this location "https://github.com/stephenegriffin/mfcmapi/releases"

2. Go to Session->Logon and Display Store Table
3. Select your profile (Ensure Outlook profile is configured in online mode)
4. Select Mailbox
5. Expand "Root Container"
6. Expand "Top of Information Store"
7.Double click "Sent Items" and select the problematic meeting request.
8. Right click on the problematic meeting request and select “Copy Messages”
9. Go back to "Top of Information Store" select "Calendar" double click on it
10. Right click and choose “paste messages”

11. Select the Problematic message which you pasted,
12. On the pane below for properties of this message, Select  the “PR_Message_Class” (You find this on the column Other Names)

13. Right Click the Property and  choose Edit and

14. Change the Property from IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request to IPM.Appointment

15. On column "Named Prop name" find item with name of 0x8217

16. Right Click the item and change the value to 1 from 3

You are done. The item is now in your calendar and you shoulld be able to view or ammend it.


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